Frequently Asked Questions

What is FormulaFemale?

FormulaFemale is a natural female libido enhancer made with specially selected herbs. FormulaFemale is a revolutionary formula that has been specifically designed to help women enjoy a better and more fulfilling sex life.


What Causes Female Low Libido?

The causes of female low libido vary from woman to woman. There are many reasons a woman may suffer from low libido. Although there may be psychological factors, we are focusing on the physical causes only. Medications
  Hormonal Fluctuations
  Unhealthy Diet



How does FormulaFemale work?

FormulaFemale was formulated to increase blood flow to the female genitals. When there is insufficient blood flow to the female genitals, sexual intercourse can be painful and unsatisfying for the woman. Libido FormulaFemale works by raising the levels of sex drive, enabling the user to enjoy a gratifying and pleasurable sex life. You will experience increased vaginal lubrication as a result of being more aroused during foreplay.


What are the other benefits of FormulaFemale?

The herbs in FormulaFemale offer many health benefits. Customers report that FormulaFemale relieves PMS symptoms such as bloating, cramps, and moodiness. Also FormulaFemale can help lessen the symptoms associated with menopause such as weight gain, dry skin, insomnia, and hot flashes. FormulaFemale is a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Women also report having more energy.

Are there any bad side effects?

No. FormulaFemale is a natural herbal supplement that will not interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills. However, because the herbal ingredients have effects on the entire sexual system, some women notice a slight increase in breast size. Women who are taking prescription medications or who have any serious health conditions should consult their doctor before using FormulaFemale.


Is FormulaFemale shipped discreetly?

Yes. We ship FormulaFemale in plain packaging with a discreet return address on the label. Orders are shipped within 24 hours and typically take 3-5 business days to be delivered within the USA. International orders usually take 6-10 business days to be delivered.


  FormulaFemale will do the following to enhance your sex drive:
Naturally enhances female sexual desire.  
Naturally increases and quicken female sexual arousal.  
Naturally and significantly enhances length of female sexual arousal.  
Naturally increases sensitivity of the female genitalia.  
Naturally enhances ease to achieve female orgasm.  
Naturally increases strength of the female orgasm, also made more effective combined with kegel exercises  
using the muscles in the pelvic region.  
Naturally enhances ability to achieve multiple or cascading female orgasms.  

! started taking FormulaFemale hoping it would increase my sex drive and improve the quality and quantity of my climaxes, and in less than 2 weeks, my husband and  I have both experienced the difference FormulaFemale has made in our relationship. I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing product!


Sincerely, Kathy L. (age 43)




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